El Quixote of the Lamppost, Cuba, 1959
Alberto Korda

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October 10, 1986 — see The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986

New Arrivals: First Edition of THE SINGING KNIVES (1971) by Frank Stanford.
The noted experimental poet’s first book, one of six short collections published by Mill Mountain Press prior to his magnum opus, “The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You,” and his suicide in 1978. Stanford’s landmark primitive style of poetry, which involved strange tall tales and recurring characters, rivers, and a constant focus on death, has attained an almost mythical status among students of avant-garde and expressionistic poetry over the past three decades. Contemporary poets such as Alan Dugan, Franz Wright, Lorenzo Thomas, James Wright, and Richard Eberhardt have praised Stanford’s work, Wright having once called him “one of the great voices of death,” and overnight readings of “Battlefield” have taken place at universities across the United States since his death. An elusive title. ↘


wait it’s coming I know it is like a blue curtain
when my ships comes in when this woman dies
one hand will break open like the skin of a good fruit
the other will go back behind my ear
like a wing to hold in the humming of skull and stay there
until the bees that are my eyes sting me and leave me


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